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The DHS AI platform is a user-friendly, SQLite-based database repository specifically designed for DHS survey data. It serves as a powerful resource for Data Science projects, providing researchers, data analysts, and graduate students with easy-to-use querying capabilities tailored to their specific research subjects.

Our project initiative aims to promote the use of data science and machine learning techniques with DHS survey data. It was inspired by a study published by Bitew, et al (2020) that highlighted the untapped potential of utilizing these methods.

We are committed to supporting researchers interested in machine learning and data science. Through our project, we provide valuable resources, guidance, and assistance to help the researchers explore the vast opportunities offered by DHS survey data in their research endeavors.

Additionally, we strive to encourage the adoption of a consistent and unified framework for working with DHS survey data when developing machine learning algorithms. By advocating for standardized practices, we aim to improve the reproducibility and comparability of results across different studies and research projects. Our goal is to establish a solid foundation that enables researchers to effectively harness the power of DHS survey data in their machine learning endeavors.