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NIGATWA1087: A WebApp boilerplate framework

Excited news from the kofiyatech team!

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of NIGATWA1087, a powerful web application boilerplate framework designed to accelerate your development journey.

Effortless Development with a Solid Foundation:

NIGATWA1087 empowers you to:

  • Hit the ground running: Skip repetitive setup tasks with a comprehensive boilerplate structure, ready to customize
  • Build with confidence: Leverage the time-tested foundation used in our own projects like kofiyatechapps
  • Build a robust dashboard like FLOWER: Leverage NIGATWA1087 foundation to create complex and data-rich dashboards like FLOWER
  • Focus on what matters: Streamline user management with built-in user authentication, registration, and secure password recovery
  • Empower your users: Equip administrators with tools to support and manage your webapp effectively
  • Handle the unexpected: Ensure a seamless user experience with error handling for incorrect URLs
  • Deploy where you need: Choose between AWS cloud deployment with Amazon RDS database or local development environment with either SQLite or PostgreSQL database