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Welcome to KILIMA TULIP AI, a project dedicated to predicting under-five (U5) child survival risk in Africa using Deep Learning AI techniques. As part of our mission to improve child health, this project builds upon the success of our previous DEEP MINTILO AI project, where we achieved a remarkable above 90% accuracy in predicting child survival risk for under-five children in Ethiopia.

With KILIMA TULIP AI, we are excited to share that we have achieved an even more remarkable performance of 95% accuracy in predicting child survival outcomes across the five African countries we are focusing on, namely Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. By leveraging the DHS survey datasets from these regions, we aim to further enhance child survival rates through the power of artificial intelligence.

Our team at kofiyatech is thrilled to present this groundbreaking technology. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact on the well-being of under-five children.